Porch and Deck Construction

With three decades of experience, Majka Construction can help you create beautiful, comfortable spaces that bring you closer to the outdoors. Our services include building outdoor decks, screen porches and 4-season porches.


A porch is a place that combines the best of both indoor and outdoor spaces. It should be built to take advantage of the best elements of each of these spaces, providing shelter from the elements, yet offering exposure to fresh air and sunlight. Majka Construction will help you build a porch that effortlessly bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces, whether you are building a brand new porch or remodeling an existing one.


A deck takes a piece of the outdoors and tames it for practical use. Majka Construction has extensive experience building custom-designed decks that provide functional outdoor spaces for many different types of homes. Our decks are sturdy, functional and aesthetically sound, giving you years of memorable outdoor experiences in your backyard.

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